The sky is something fascinating that seems limitless and grand.
Often you look up and feel a sense of liberty or a feeling of being so small in an endless universe.
That makes the sky so beautiful.
Therefore we want to give more attention to the sky in the form of art.
We have found several artists that use the sky as a theme for their work and
we would like to promote their exceptional art by combining them in an exhibition room located in Japan’s heart, Kyoto.
Our motto is “空の旅をステキに” meaning “for a classy experience in the sky”.
With Sky Art, we would like to sublime your eyes with a collection of luxurious items all connected in some way to the sky.

Kyoto is a city with an extremely rich history, an ancient culture and many traditional crafts.
However our artists are not only from Japan.
We have found western craftsmen with exquisite skills that are related to the sky and need to be better known in Japan.



Werner Bartsch

Urushi (Japanese lacquer)

Yasuhiro Asai


Yasuhiro Asai

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Werner Bartsch DESERT BIRDS

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Werner Bartsch AIRTROPOLIS

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The First Class Seat
presented by Sky Art

Sky Art has produced a top of the line First Class Seat
for the Aerospace Industry.
The seat is plated with the finest gold and is covered with silk.
The official presentation ceremony was held in the prestigious Okura Hotel
in Kyoto and was attended by top officials from all around Japan.
With the first class seat we want to show the world what we are capable of
when traditional companies in Kyoto work together.

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